Take a look inside the New Talgo Trains: Comfort, Wi-Fi, TV and Buffet for All Passengers (Photo+Video)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] The train, which was announced as a revolution in the BH railway traffic, is operating on the rails of FBiH for two days, and its acquisition that was announced for years seems to be justified.

During the ride with new Talgo trains, which is symbolically named “BH train”, passengers had the opportunity to enjoy the comfort and convenience provided by wagons of Talgo train, and for the pleasure of driving to Visoko, they had, besides buying tickets, to allocate money for reservation that cost 3 BAM.

However, when you pay for the reservation and ticket, you get a numbered seat with functional socket and a small device for personal selection of radio stations that you can listen via headphones. Also, there are TVs in each wagon, at which passengers will watch TV or movies. And for passengers who do not like to sleep during the trip there is the Wi-Fi network, which is available in each wagon.

There is also a special wagon that is reserved for the buffet, with truly respectful service by workers of the Railways of the FBiH, as well as solid assortment of drinks that can be consumed in this part of the train.

The train, which is divided into two classes, is fully digitized and doors are opened by sensors, while there are various displays with useful information about driving conditions and the wagon in which the passengers are located. Also, in each pass between the carriages there are very functional toilets.

Also, the first class of new “BH train” is adapted for people with disabilities, for which were created all conditions, from a functional toilet to access the wagon, in order for the ride to be pleasant for this category of BH citizens as well.

Take a look at the video and see it for yourself.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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