“Teatar Kabare” Tuzla is starting another year of the “Acting School”

Every day we are faced with numerous questions and ways in which we can solve them. One of the ways to solve every question or issue is to cherish the elements that make our life more beautiful. One of the ways to accomplish that is through the discovery of our new talents. The discovery of new hobbies and talents through the magic of theater art is possible in the organization of an ” Acting School” from Tuzla.

‘’Teatar Kabare’’ Tuzla, besides the usual activities, has been active in the process of education of children about acting through the ” Acting School”. Since 2009, in the past three year of successful organization of the ” Acting School”, this theater has enrolled more than one hundred children and youth in this little, interesting project.

The leader of the ”Acting School” is a graduate actor and a teaching professor from the Academy of Performing Arts, mr.sci. Damir Altumbašić. The ” Acting School” organizes classes in two groups, for children from 6-11 years of age, and the second group for children from 12-17 years.

All interested in the ”Acting School” may apply via this link:


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