Ten Amazing Museums in Bosnia and Herzegovina worth of visiting (video)


The museums and galleries in Bosnia and Herzegovina are not filled with renaissance or romantic paintings but rather with the living forms that represented everyday life. Culture in the centuries leading up to this revolution can be visited today as a living museum through the architecture, traditional dress, stone carvings, pottery and jewellery, and sacral places.

The culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be found hanging from the walls of a museum but can be seen in the intricate paintings of the mosques, the beautiful woodwork of traditional furniture, or the magnificent stitch of the highlander’s attire. It is this mix of old and new creative forms that sets Bosnia and Herzegovina apart from its European neighbours.

There are tens of videos on YouTube channel run by Mr. Armin Becic about natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina and traditional dishes.  Speaking about the organization, Mr.Becic says that they are a young organization with people who love Bosnia and Herzegovina, love traveling, tradition and culture.



“Our start was in 2018 year and this is our escape and relax from out daily routines and jobs which are actually our financial source. In the team, we have 10 people and they prepare material, visit locations, write posts and prepare videos,” Mr. Becic says.

It is evident that Bosnia and Herzegovina has numerous amazing museums, rich tradition and culture. Speaking about criteria for choosing ten amazing museums in BiH worth of visiting, Mr. Becic says that they tried to present life, culture and tradition in all periods in Bosnia and Herzegovina and museums where visitors can look artefacts from the Illyrian period until  1992-1995 war.  He continues by saying that their basic criteria was to present all life segments of middle age life, clothes, traditional rooms, traditional rug, Ottoman period, Austro-Hungarian period and war period.

“It is important mention to your audience that on video they can see the memorial museum one of the best Bosnian writer Skender Kulenovic. In that museum, they can see memorial room for Ahmet Hromadzic. These two writers were top writers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and ex-Yugoslavia. Many generations grow up on their books. We started with visiting museums in July 2018 and we have been collecting this material for two years. Why this 10 museums? In this ten museums you can see culture, tradition and lifestyle from all nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”  He continues by saying that friends and fans are fascinated with the museum in Vranduk Fortress, and also with museums in Mostar where you they can go back to the Ottoman Period and see all period of war 1992-1995 as well.


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