Test runs in the discipline Super G were held on Bjelašnica

Ski runs in the discipline Super G, which are also the main rehearsal of B&H for the organization of the race of the European Cup in 2014 were held today on Bjelašnica. In the first race of the male competitions, competitors from Slovenia won all first five places. The race was also the first national championship of B&H in the Super G discipline. The best B&H skier was Igor Laikert who ended up on the tenth place. Second best B&H skier was Marko Rudić on the 21st place, and behind him Haris Hodžić, Benjamin Godinjak and Haris Begić.

In the first race of the female competition, again best skiers were from Slovenia who won the first four places. Eight competitors participated in the female competition. Only skier from B&H was Ema Gicević who finished the race on the seventh place.

Slovenian skiers were much better in the second race of the male competition, and the best skier was Klemen Krejac. Laikert won the eight places. Slovenian skier Katja Jasenko won in the second race of the female competition. First three places went to Slovenia, while Ema Gicević won the sixth place.


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