Lagumdžija and Mustafayev talked about intensifying the collaboration between B&H and Azerbaijan

Deputy President of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of B&H Zlatko Lagumdžija welcomed today the Delegation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, lead by their Minister for Economic Development, Shahin Mustafayev. At the focus of their conversation was the improvement of bilateral relations of B&H and Azerbaijan, which were evaluated as good but not on the level of existing potential. All activities conducted with the aim of improving the collaboration between B&H and Azerbaijan were commended.  In order to continue with the intensification of these relations, they also talked about an eventual visit of Minister Lagumdžija to Azerbaijan.

Minister Lagumdžija especially emphasized the need for intensification of economic collaboration and in that manner he pointed out some of the possibilities for their development in different fields and the interest of B&H in the investment of Azerbaijan businessmen. Minister Mustafayev pointed out the interest of Azerbaijan to invest into projects in B&H, and expressed his wishes that the future period will bring some concrete projects of business collaboration.

Mustafayev also mentioned that the implementation of the Resolution on Azerbaijan, which condemns the crime against citizens, is of great importance for Azerbaijan.  Minister Lagumdžija agreed and said that this Resolution will be implemented in both houses of the Parliament Assembly of B&H.


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