Mektic: BiH cannot completely exclude the Possibility of a Terrorist Attack

12884422_1744018645834812_1371917229_nBiH cannot completely exclude the possibility of terrorist attack, but it can also be an independent idea of some radical individual, said the Minister of Security of BiH, Dragan Mektic.

Mektic demonstrated that there is a threat in the case of BiH citizens who fight on foreign battlefields and then return to BiH, and that they are doing everything to discover these groups and get them prosecuted.

He repeated that there are radical groups in BiH that have adopted a kind of radicalism and violent extremism, and that these radical communities and groups are identified.

Minister of Security emphasized that BiH needs a democratic and civilized values of society, and that any phenomenon of terrorism would represent a hard, unacceptable threat to its basic values and interests, and it would violate the security and the lives of its citizens.

According to him, the only alternative to BiH is the EU and its perspective, and not any kind of radicalism that provoke violent extremism and returns it back into the past.

He said that it is very important for BiH to develop mechanisms that will adopt some operational measures of specific treatment measures and actions in order for everyone to coordinately act in case of terroristic attack.

According to him, after several terrorist attacks BiH get coordinated to some extent and in the case of such attacks coordination was agreed, especially in the case of the competence of individual security and judicial institutions for investigation of terroristic attacks.

“We have achieved significant progress in the context of strike groups for fight against terrorism, including security agencies and judicial institutions. It is important to immediately determine whether it is a terrorist attack or any other criminal act and to dissolve this dilemma on the scene,” explained the Minister of Security.

(Source: klix.ba)


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