The 77th Anniversary of the Uprising of Peoples of BiH marked on Ivan-sedlo

The day of the uprising of peoples of BiH was marked yesterday on Ivan-sedlo.

Minister of Veteran Affairs Muharem Fiso and the President of UABNOR Hadzici, Fadil Sehic, revealed a renovated memorial on Ivan-sedlo on the occasion of this date.

The Association of Anti-Fascists and Soldiers of NLW BiH, the Association of Anti-Fascists and NLW Soldiers of CS and the Association of Anti-Fascists and Soldiers of NLW Hadzici marked this historic date when the first resistance was given to occupiers and domestic traitors on July 27, 1941.

They evoked memories from the National and Liberation War and Liberation War 1992 – 1995, and Minister Muharem Fiso noted the importance of BiH as a multi-ethnic country and the importance of moving in that direction, despite the constant efforts for division of BiH and prevention of the development of our country, as announced by the Ministry of Veteran Affairs of CS.

“I want to note from this place that BiH proved what one country should look like through its thousands of years long tradition and that it is the country of all citizens and peoples who nourish anti-fascist ideas,” stated Minister Fiso.

(Source: klix.ba)


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