The best Film of the 21st SFF is “Mustang” by Turkish Director Deniz Erguven

sff4 (2)After 9 days the seventh art festivity, the Sarajevo Film Festival awarded the prize for the best film at this year’s SFF.

Film “Mustang”, by Turkish director Deniz Gamze Erguven, was elected for the best film on this year’s biggest regional film festival.

This year’s Competition Programme – Feature Film presented 10 films, from which 2 from the world, 1 international and 7 regional premieres.

These are the following works: ‘Chevalier’ directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari, “At My Father’s Home,” directed by Andrei Cohn, “Panama”, directed by Paul Vučković, “Superworld” directed by Karl Markovics, “Our Everyday Life” directed by Ines Tanović, “Son of Saul ” directed by Laszlo Nemes, “The Treasure” by Corneliu Porumboiu, “Entanglement” by director Tunc Davut and ” The High Sun” directed by Dalibor Matanić.

This year SFF did not awarded only one Best Actress and Best Actor, but two whole ensembles of two remarkable films.

Jury of the 21st Sarajevo Film Festival announced: Yorgos Kentros, Mourikis Vangelis, Panos Koronis, Makias Papadimitriou, Yorgos Pyrpassopoulos, Sakis Rouvas (film Chevalier) and Guneş Sensoy, Dogbo Doğuslu, Tugba Sunguroglu, Elit Işcan, Ilayda Akdogan, Nihal Koldaş, and Ayberk Pekcan (film Mustang) as the best actors at this year’s seventh art festival.

Award “Heart of Sarajevo” was awarded to film “Toto and His Sisters”, directed by Alexander Nanaua, for the Best Documentary Film in the Competition Programme of SFF.

This year, a total of 23 documentaries were presented, from which 6 from the world, 8 international, 3 regional and 6 B&H premieres.

Award for the best short film of this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival was awarded to “A Matter Of Will”, directed by Dušan Kasalica.

Within the Competition Programme – Short Film a total of 10 films were presented, 4 of the world, 1 international and 5 regional premieres.



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