The biggest Park in Sarajevo to be opened in the Municipality Novi Grad

parkThe biggest park in Sarajevo with 577 trees is placed in the Center for education, sport and recreation “Safet Zajko” in Halilovici, which will open its doors to the citizens of Sarajevo today at 5 p.m.

Beautiful greenery, decorative plants, clean air, the contrasts of beautiful colors, walking and bike paths, fountains, benches and much more, are part of the unique complex, which the Municipality Novi Grad is putting into operation for the citizens of Sarajevo, within the complex of the former barracks “Safet Zajko”.

A little less than 54,500 square meters out of 11 hectares, which is the total area of the Center Safet Zajko, belongs to the green areas, while the rest of the space is furnished with various contents.

A total of 577 trees are in the heart of this sports and recreation center, and some of them are conifer tress, deciduous trees, climbers etc.

Besides this priceless natural treasure, a fountain, grape vines and hedges are placed in the central part of the park as the segments that are making the park more attractive and beautiful for all lovers of nature.

Moreover, accompanying facilities are situated on the decorated area of around 50,000 square meters, such as furniture, flagpoles, fountains, 50 benches, children’s playgrounds, 400 meters long bicycle path, athletic track with a stadium, walking paths, outdoor fitness and besides all of this, visitors will have free Wi-Fi network as well.

Visitors can come to the center by foot or bicycle across the pedestrian bridge that the Municipality Novi Grad Sarajevo built in Nedzarici, or by a motor vehicle traffic via road next to the Customs terminal.

Within the construction works on the Centre “Safet Zajko,” teams of Civil Defense of the Municipality Novi Grad cleaned up the most neglected parts of the river Miljacka, alongside the Centre. This section of the riverbed underwent the procedure of implementation of preventing measures for floods, because residents and economic entities were left out of social concern for many years, due to the geographical borders with neighboring municipalities, and their houses and gardens were threatened by the river.

Large amounts of bulky garbage and waste, as well as materials which could not be used in decorating the coast of the river, were cleaned from the riverbed of Miljacka river, which were later properly disposed on a landfill.

Also, high wild trees and shrubs were cut, trimmed and removed, and due to the damaged coast, it was necessary to apply the method of turning the river back into its natural stream by filling it in with the large amounts of hard and soil materials.

Decoration of the riverbed of the Miljacka river, the area alongside the center “Safet Zajko” got a whole new look, with the special view from the newly built pedestrian bridge in Nedzarici.

(Source: Radiosarajevo)

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