Sitting Volleyball National Team wants the 9th Gold from European Championships

Sitting Volleyball Team wants Gold faktor.baThe sitting volleyball national team of B&H is at the second part of preparations in Medjugorje since September 18th, and on September 22nd they are to depart to the Netherlands where they will perform the final preparations prior to the coming European Championships in Germany.

The team selected by the coach Mirza Hrustemovic will travel from the Netherlands to Germany, where the European Championships is to be held from September 30th until October 8th.

As a reminder, this is the most decorated BH national ream. They were the champions of Europe nine times and world champions three times.

The national team of B&H will play in the Group B with the teams of the Netherlands, Serbia and Hungary. Germany, Poland, Croatia and Italy are in Group A, while Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Azerbaijan are in the Group C.

There are 17 players on the list of the selector Hrustemovic:

Sabahudin Delalic (the captain), Dzevad Hamzic, Asim Medic, Safet Alibasic, Beniz Kadric, Ermin Jusufovic, Muhamed Kapetanovic, Nizam Cancar, Ismet Godinjak, Adnan Manko, Mirzet Duran, Adnan Kesmer, Edin Dzino, Armin Sehic, Jasmin Brkic, Adin Likic and Damir Grbic.

Schedule of the matches:

October 2nd 2015 – 12:30 a.m. (court B) against Hungary

October 3rd 2015 – 4 p.m. (court A) against the Netherlands

October 4th 2015 – 1 p.m. (court A) against Serbia

The finale of the European Championships (qualifying matches) will be played from October 5th to 7th.


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