The End of the Former BiH’s Giant Aluminij

Midnight brought the end that had been announced for a long time, but many believed that it would never happen. Aluminum d.d. Mostar was disconnected from the power grid and the fatal shutdown of production has begun.

The damage caused by this and possible restart of production is estimated at hundreds of millions of euros. Losses that will suffer more than 900 workers of a large company and hundreds of subcontractors can hardly be estimated.

Aluminij was shut off before midnight, and this was confirmed by Pero Bebek, President of the Independent Trade Union Assembly, for news portal.

Aluminij problems last for at least ten years and are characterized by unfavorable “price shrinkage”, doing nothing for new technologies and new production cycles, and political impacts. The company owes more than 400 million BAM.

For the last year, workers have expressed their concern in various ways, and the administration has almost always shifted responsibility to the largest single owner of the FBiH Government that did not respect the 2013 agreement, which included buying electricity at more affordable prices. Workers blocked the M-17 highway on two occasions for four hours, but they did not even get word from the politicians they were looking for.

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