The Exhibition ‘’Hugs’’ by Safet Zec Opened at the BiH Historical Museum


Safet Zec, one of the best artists in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), opened the ‘exhibition called ’Zagrljaji’’ at the BiH Historical Museum, where works from the mentioned cycle are being exposed.

Date and location of the exhibition opening were not coincidental.

Namely, Zec intended to present ‘’Zagrljaji’’ to the audience on Statehood Day of BiH.

And the location of the Historical Museum itself has its symbolism. It is placed near the Vrbanja Bridge, where two young people who were killed in 1993, Admira and Bosko, were partly used as an inspiration by the author for creation of works from ‘’Zagrljaji’’ cycle.

The exhibition began with the intonation of the BiH national anthem.

Museum Director Elma Hamsimbegovic congratulated everyone on Statehood Day, and emphasized that she was proud that Safet Zec had chosen the Historical Museum to exhibit his works.

As she pointed out, the Museum was too small to welcome all of those who wished to attend the exhibition opening.

Works from the cycle ‘’Zagrljaji’’ were previously placed at the walls of the Venetian church ‘’Santa Maria della Pieta’’.

Among other things, exhibition was attended by Ivica Saric, Jovan Divjak, Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka, Bogic Bogicevic with his daughter Snezana, members of the diplomatic and cultural groups and many others, portal reports.

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