Hanna Varmaz received an Award from the Swedish Prince and Princess


A girl who comes from Gradiska, was exposed to peer violence, discrimination and physical abuse for four and a half years.

The recognition, which Princess Sofia personally handed to Hanna in Stockholm, is the result of her fight against mobbing and peer violence.

The motivational speech at the award ceremony was like this: Role model, supporter and a person who saved lives. These are a few words that many people who nominated Hanna for Internet Angel of the Year award used to describe her. She has shown that people are good enough just the way they are, and that the real problem is with those who think differently. Through these messages, she has changed and saved lives.’’

For four and a half years, Hanna has been exposed to peer violence, discrimination and physical abuse.

‘’In all this chaos and her own struggles, she decided to start writing a blog that became some sort of a filter for what she was going through. At first she thought she was alone in this, later she was joined by many other children of different ages who were in the same situation as Hanna,” says Hanna’s mother Naida.

Children shared their stories and comforted each other.

‘’As time went by, so did Hanna became famous for writing a blog about mobbing, and that encouraged her to start fighting against peer violence and those children who bully others. Several local newspapers have contacted her and praised her work, although Hanna herself has been exposed to peer violence all along,” Naida continued.

A month ago, Hanna was nominated by her fans for the prestigious award of Prince and Princess of Sweden, Internet Angel of the Year. After receiving this recognition, Hanna’s work for children protection, stopping insults and sharing it among children online, continues next year with the help of Prince and Princess, mojabih.oslobodjenje.ba portal reports.


(Photo: mojabih.oslobodjenje.ba)

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