The former President of Croatia on the Dayton Peace Accords

mesicThe former President of Croatia Stjepan Mesić said at the International Peace Conference “Twenty Years of Peace – Moving Forward” in Sarajevo that the Dayton Peace Accords is the “baby” of the United States and the international community and that those who created it now have the obligation to help rectify what is evidently wrong.

He added that the international community, primarily the European Union, have no right to back away from their responsibilities by instating on an agreement of BiH politicians that they only would support.

He stressed that it is necessary for Croatia and Serbia to take on a more constructive role in BiH and stop “dreaming” on distribution and stop supporting such ambitions.

Mesić said that the Dayton Agreement should be viewed as historic because it stopped the war but when we look 20 years later at whether it made anything more and if these two decades have become a model for crisis management in multiethnic countries, the answer is negative.

He believes that for BiH there is no long-term solution without its conception as a civil state of equal rights and equal citizens, without strengthening the central government and without establishing a different territorial organization.


(Source: Fena)

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