The Jewelry 3.200 Years old found in Ljubuski

LjubuskiIn the place Stara Teskera near Ljubuski, on the micro-location Brlozina, where the protective archeological excavations occurred, the most interesting founding is the spiral-spectacle pendant made of bronze that represents the benchmark for dating of this grace in the Late Bronze Age, i.e 1200-800 BCE.

As the assistant at the Department for Archeology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Mostar and the Culture Counselor of the municipality Ljubuski, Mirko Rasic, who is leading this excavation, said, dimensions of the section are 5, 5 cm x 2 cm x 2 mm and this is the first founding in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the grave context.

Namely. the owner of the land, Stipe Granic, informed the archeological Museum at Humac and the Department for Culture of the municipality Ljubuski about finding a potential archeological site during mechanical works at his plot.

“The field examination showed that it is about the prehistoric grave with the architecture in the shape of the stone coffin, with four lateral and one tombstone“, said Rasic.

Also, in the fill of the grave, the skeleton of the deceased has been found in a contracted position at the left flank, and thigh and upper arm bones and a fragment of mandibula ie. jaw are preserved.

(Source: ekapija.ba)

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