The Largest Coffee Pot in the World in Centre of Sarajevo Today

On the second day of the Sarajevo Film Festival, on Saturday, August 17th, guests, visitors and citizens will have the opportunity to taste real Bosnian coffee from the biggest dzezva (coffee pot) in the world.

Vispak’s Dzezva, which entered the World Guinness Record, is on display at Bascarsija near Sebilj fountain from 8:00 o’clock in the morning.

All visitors will be entertained, especially with traditional Bosnian sevdalinka. A cup of real Bosnian coffee will last all day, with many surprises, according to AS Holding, the organizers.

We invite all guests, residents of Sarajevo and tourists to visit Bascarsija Square and enjoy this true Bosnian coffee.

By breaking the Guinness world record in 2004, together with the citizens of Mostar, when 660 liters of coffee was made and drank out of the largest coffee pot in the world, in 2005 Vispak officially received the Guinness certificate, thus entering the book of records.

For a single charge of a giant coffee pot takes about 65 kilograms of coffee. The largest coffee pot in the world was made in the summer of 2004 under the hammer of Bascarsija master Nasir Jabucar and his assistants.

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