The Law on Volunteering will prevent the B&H youth from leaving

The House of Peoples of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to implement the Law on Volunteering on their last session.

The Institute for the Development of Youth ”KULT” is satisfied with the support given to the Law on Volunteering, because they also participated in its implementation since it was their proposal.

The ”KULT” also stresses the fact that 93% of young people supported the Law on Volunteering.

This law will secure them an easier way to certified experience and faster employment. The personnel of the Institute also claim that this is the chance to prevent another 70% of young people that intend on leaving this country. It is estimated that through this Law on Volunteering, there is a chance that 50.000 young people will volunteer during their studies and have certified documents about their working experience, provided by the Federal Ministry of Justice.

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