The Life Story of Sead Kapetan, a Man who lost Everything in a War

Residents of Prusac are known to be learned and worthy men, able to face and overcome every difficulty, that can get in their way.

The story of Sead Kapetan from this settlement is the best one to prove this fact.

As the drive locksmith, Sead, along with many of his colleagues, worked at the company office machines (TBMs) in Bugojno before the war.

“We earned and lived nicely. The children went to school. My wife took care of the house. Everything went as it should, and was as it should. Then the war began, after which, everything changed. I lost my job and I did not know how to feed my family, “he recalls.

“The idea to start practicing wood processing and create items of whose sales could have such at least some kind of income occurred, as he says, by accident.

“I realized I cannot return back to work and that I have to change profession. Like many who have done this before me, I began to process the wood. Of course, in the beginning, it was not going well, but it all becomes easier by the time,” says Sead.

The new craft, Sead adds, he would not change. Not because it brings money into the house, but because he became very fond of it.

“It is a special feeling when you take the wood and shape it into whatever you want, and when you’ve done something that the others like as much as you do. The customers usually take decorative objects that I make, shakers for milk, washroom for brandy, small tables, cradles for babies etc. Currently, I am working decorative boxes for some buyers from Turkey, and I hope that I will be able to expand the business in this way, “says Sead.

In the end, he admits that he is very sorry that none of the younger members of his family is interested to continue the job, which he is engaged in for the last twenty years.

He hopes, however, that the tradition of wood processing will not disappear and it will keep in Prusac and B&H for many, many years.



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