The List of Top 5 Exporters from BiH

The Zenica-Doboj Canton is leader when it comes to exports and the largest exporter is Prevent group, which has two companies among the top 10, Prevent Sarajevo and Prevent Leather Visoko.

When it comes to ten companies on the list of the largest exporters, five are in domestic ownership and five are owned by investors from abroad, two of which are from Turkey, two from India and one from Slovenia.

Three companies among the domestic exporters are in private possession (Bosnalijek, Prevent and Prevent Leather Visoko) and two are in majority ownership of state – (Aluminij Mostar and Igman Konjic).

The list included Bosnalijek from Sarajevo for the first time after the war, and last year’s exports of this company exceeded the amount of 107 million BAM, as well as the Factory of Military Industry Igman from Konjic whose exports exceeded 100 million BAM (104.2 million BAM).

The largest exporters are from Zenica-Doboj Canton, which is still leading canton when it comes to export.

Top 5 exporters:

ArcelorMittal Zenica –  350,4 million BAM

PREVENT, Sarajevo – 350,1 million BAM

Aluminij Mostar – 335,3 million BAM

Global Ispat Coke Industry – Lukavac – 254,8 million BAM

SISECAM SODA – Lukavac – 201,3 million BAM




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