The Number of those infected with Coronavirus in BiH has tripled

According to epidemiologists, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is becoming part of the world community that is fighting omicron with the new numbers, which have tripled in the last few days. Socializing and holiday gatherings are the main reason for the increased number of newly infected. But, such a jump is not an alarm to the authorities for the introduction of more restrictive measures, although, as they claim, it is the right time for it.

One of the measures is to order the management of public health institutions to obligatorily vaccinate all health workers who come into contact with the patient with the third dose. One of the measures is to introduce the VTP rule in all hotel accommodation and closed facilities, ” told Haris Vranic, Minister of Health of CS.

In order to relieve the processing of tests at the Sarajevo University Clinical Center (KCUS), the samples will now be made by the General Hospital, as well as the Institute of Public Health of Canton Sarajevo (CS). Due to the worsening epidemiological situation, the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton has considered the possibility of postponing the teaching process in schools, but still, the second semester will begin on time.

Ministry of Education:

The teaching process was not interrupted even in more difficult conditions and circumstances, and the operational teams for monitoring the implementation of the crisis plan, led by school principals, have extensive experience in implementing measures and protecting students and employees, as they proved in the past period.

However, the existing measures are not enough to slow down the spread of the virus, according to the Institute of Public Health of the Federation of BiH (FBiH). It is still difficult to predict whether the sudden jump will encourage citizens to be vaccinated in greater numbers.

Everyone who has been vaccinated in the last three months should receive a third booster dose. On Tuesday, we will receive almost 50.000 Moderna vaccines. We have enough Pfizer vaccines. We sent five thousand doses for Sarajevo this weekend, ” noted Sinisa Skocibusic, Director of the FBiH Public Health Institute.

“The third dose increases the safety by 75 percent for a milder clinical picture and avoidance of hospitalization. In this season of respiratory infections, the flu has come, and our citizens will be able to be vaccinated against the flu, told Aida Pitic, an epidemiologist.

Unlike some European cities where presence in facilities is possible only with COVID passes, in BiH, entry into closed facilities is still free, except for the obligation to wear a mask and keep a distance.


Source: BHRT

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