Mayor Karic rejected a provocative Request to mark the unconstitutional Day of RS in Sarajevo City Hall

The party “United Srpska” (”Ujedinjena Srpska”) whose president is Nenad Stevandic, submitted, at the very least, a provocative request to rent a hall with the aim of holding a ceremonial academy on the occasion of the unconstitutional Day of Republika Srpska (RS) in Sarajevo City Hall. The request was rejected by Mayor Benjamina Karic.

This political party has requested that a ceremonial academy be held in the City Hall. The request will not be granted for the following reason: As an occasion for the ceremonial academy, the so-called Day of RS, January 9th was mentioned. In the case 2/18, the Constitutional Court of BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), by the Judgment published in the Official Gazette of BiH No. 30/19, declared the marking of the said date as an official day of this administrative unit of the State of BiH unconstitutional, stating that its marking “is not in accordance with Article I/2. of the Constitution of BiH, Article II/4. of the Constitution of BiH in connection with Article 1.1. and Article 2a) and c) of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination and Article 1 of Protocol No. 12 to the European Convention, and Article VI/5. Of the Constitution of BiH, ” wrote Karic.

She stressed that the celebration of the holiday, which was declared unconstitutional by the BiH Constitutional Court and found to symbolize discrimination and is not in line with the universal values โ€‹โ€‹of dialogue, tolerance, and understanding, will not be possible in the City Hall or anywhere under the jurisdiction of the City of Sarajevo.

“The city of Sarajevo will always protect the statehood of BiHand the equality of all its citizens,” concluded Mayor Karic.

How provocative and rude this request is shown by the fact that on the night of August 25th-26th, 1992, grenades fired from the position of the RS Army caused a large fire in which the Sarajevo City Hall burned down.

It is important to mention that the symbol of the city and probably one of the most representative and beautiful buildings from the Austro-Hungarian period during the siege of Sarajevo was shelled several times, and on August 25th grenades fired from aggressor positions and caused a large fire in which the interior burned completely.

The town hall, which before the aggression on BiH served as the National and University Library of BiH and was a gathering place for students and all people eager for knowledge, burned down on August 25th in just a few hours, and the written treasure of BiH was irretrievably destroyed.



Source: Klix.ba

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