The Number of Users of the Children’s Soup Kitchen in Lukavac is increasing

The number of users of the Children’s Soup Kitchen in Lukavac is constantly increasing, there are already hundreds of them, and there is less and less food. Even more devastating fact is that more than 80 people are on the waiting list because there is notenough food for everyone who needs it. Thanks to exclusively the humanity of the citizens, this Children’s Soup Kitchen survives. On the occasion of yesterday’s International Children’s Day, here is the story of the Children’s Soup Kitchen.

Vesna is the mother of a child with disabilities and the wife of a sick husband. They found the only salvation in the Children’s Soup Kitchen, where, she says, they came across an open door and she comes for food here regardless of the weather conditions.

“My husband is an immobile patient. I don’t have diapers for him, I don’t even have the right to get them. There is no income, it is not time for pensions yet. If I didn’t have this kitchen, I wouldn’t have anything to eat, ” emphasized Vesna Hrvanovic, a user of the Children’s Soup Kitchen, Lukavac.

Vesna is one of the hundreds of kitchen users. In the six years of its existence, the number has drastically increased, and today more than 80 citizens are on the waiting lists.

“This means a lot to me. Incomes are low because of small pensions, ” told Ismet Morankic, a user of the Children’s SoupKitchen, Lukavac.

“For instance, I have no income. This kitchen is good for me, I have a child with disabilities, so this helps us, ” said Meho Bajric, a user of the Children’s Soup Kitchen, Lukavac.

“The number is growing very fast. We now have a lot of people on the waiting list, to whom we cannot share food, we don’t have that much food, ” noted Selma Zukic, president of the Association of Altruists “Hands of Friendship“, Lukavac.

The fact that the founder of this kitchen is the Association of Altruists, whose president Selma uses her own premises and they pay part of the rent for the warehouse, speaks of the absurdity in our country. They do not have help from any level of government. It exists exclusively thanks to donations from businessmen, and mostly from ordinary citizens who bring groceries. Among the users, apart from children, there are also pensioners, artists, and professors, and nobody is returned from the kitchen.

“As they say, youth is leaving, well why wouldn’t they?” We will all end up eating from the cauldron, first me, then everyone else. One children’s soup kitchen will not be enough. Trust me, there will be as many children’s kitchens as you want, if this continues, ” stated Selma Zukic, president of the Association of Altruists “Hands of Friendship”, Lukavac.

While the most endangered are mostly helped by ordinary citizens, and the Kitchen in Lukavac has more and more members, the question is how long will the authorities silently observe all this?


Source: BHRT

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