The Peace March started towards Potocari: Thousands of People on the 100 Kilometers long Path of Salvation

More than three thousand people left Nezuk yesterday morning for Potocari in the honor of victims of the genocide against Bosniaks in Srebrenica. They will walk the path of salvation in the Peace March for the next two days, which is the same section where a large number of people were executed in July 1995.

Nezuk near Sapna on Wednesday night was a gathering place for all groups that started from different parts of our country in the past days, in order to participate in this year’s Peace March.

After yesterday morning’s official gathering, the participants headed to Baljkovica, Padlog, Crni vrh, Snagovo, and Liplje, where they will spend the night in the camp of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Today, they will continue the journey from Liplje, through Kamenica, Glodi, Udrce, Djugum, and Mravinjac, where another camp for overnight stays is planned.

On July 10th, the participants will continue their journey from Mravinjak, through Kamenica, Buljim, Jaglici, and Budak, and then finally will come to the complex of the Memorial Center in Potocari, where they will pay tribute to the victims of genocide.

The organizing committee of this year’s Peace March has taken special measures to make sure everything goes smoothly from the epidemiological point of view and to create a safe place without a possible spread of coronavirus infection.

“Apart from paying tribute to the victims, the Peace March aims to animate domestic and judicial institutions to prosecute and convict perpetrators of war crimes, especially genocide. According to the latest information, we have more than three thousand registered participants, and we have already animated the relevant institutions to provide logistical support for those who registered today, ” said yesterday Zulfo Salihovic, President of the Organizing Committee of this year’s Peace March.

The entire section is 100 kilometers long and represents the original route that hundreds of Podrinje residents passed from Srebrenica to the free territory in Nezuk in July 1995.

Now, Džemka Karaca-Osmanovic, who participated in the Peace March for the first time in 2008, is following this path. The tragedy of Podrinje residents encourages her to cross that path.

“I am also encouraged by the tragedy of the people who survived it all, and especially those who didn’t. I believe it is our duty to walk in the footsteps of where they went and to feel the smallest part of what they experienced,” Karaca-Osmanovic told.

She told that it should be talked about Srebrenica 365 days a year.

“She is here among us every day. Of course, we should move forward, but we cannot and must not forget what happened, because the people who survived it still live in Srebrenica today. Anyone who has lost someone also lives in Srebrenica,” she pointed out, Klix.ba writes.


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