The Restaurant at the top of Bjelasnica, a six-seater, Terrains in Zetra soon

12782002_1730975270472483_1058848953_nCantonal public company ZOI’84 Ltd. OCS Sarajevo is planning a series of business activities during 2016, and one of them, and the most interesting one, is a new ski lift on Bjelasnica. ZOI wants to improve offer on mountains during the summer months, but also the offer in Zetra. There are plans, and everyone hopes for the successful realization and the large number of visitors on Olympic Mountains.

Director of ZOI Midhat Hubijar said that the Government of Canton Sarajevo recently gave the green light for the conceptual design of the construction of a new vertical transport (cable car) on Bjelasnica, which means that they will strive to ensure favorable loans, estimated on 16 million BAM.

“The construction of new vertical transport would improve offer of ski season, the development of winter sports and recreation center to a level that meets the world standards and increase competitive sport importance and tourist offer of Sarajevo Canton and BiH, and for the needs of EYOF 2019,” said Hubijar.

In the upcoming period, ZOI’84 is planning renovating the restaurant at the top of Bjelasnica in order to fully cover all facilities necessary for the functioning and operation of ski center Bjelasnica and Igman throughout the whole year (winter and summer season).

“One of the following plans is the merger of hotel “Marsal” on Bjelasnica to cantonal public company ZOI’84, which would complete the winter activities on mountains,” said Hubijar.

They are also actively working on the preparation, design and completion of new activities for the summer season on Bjelasnica and Igman, which are lacking in the offer of Olympic Mountains.

“The new summer activities on mountains would give citizens the possibility of practicing sport and sporting activities in the fresh mountain air, as well as complete relaxation and rest away from traffic congestion and city noise with the goal of improving the healthy life habits,” said Hubijar.

In the Olympic complex Zetra, after repair works on the trail for speed skating were completed, installation of football stadium with artificial grass and two tennis courts are planned during the summer months this year, while the surrounding trails will be used for roller skating, skateboarding and cycling.

Promenade will be opened for all visitors, and the space should be opened every day until 10:00 p.m., while the facilities during the summer months in Zetra will be complemented by opening of new summer garden.

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