The Sixth Business Forum of the BiH Diaspora starts Today in Bihac

The sixth Business Forum of the BiH diaspora – BhdiaFor will be held on July 31 in Bihać and the key topics of this traditional gathering of the business diaspora will be tourism, the metal industry and IT sector.

Organizers of BHdiaFor, the Association “Our Perspective” and their local partner, the Chamber of Commerce of the Una-Sana Canton, announced the participation of over 100 entrepreneurs from the country and the world.

“Among those lecturers who were invited are experienced people who made progress in their local communities. We will have the opportunity to listen about investment in tourism in this region and discuss the role of the diaspora in mediating and bringing foreign investment to BiH. Among the interlocutors are representatives of companies that have already made such moves, therefore, we are no longer talking about the diaspora’s potential, we are now talking about good practices,” Armin Alijagić of “Our Perspective” told Fena.

The event offers a unique opportunity to local entrepreneurs and other development actors in BiH to meet the most successful members of the business Diaspora all over the world.

Business Forum of BiH Diaspora– BHdiaFor, being the largest event of its kind in Europe, offers an ideal possibility to network and explore investment opportunities in the home country. During the course of the event different investments project from various sectors will be presented, examples of good practice from most successful Diaspora investors will be elaborated, experiences from other countries will be discussed, etc.

Business forum has so far hosted many renowned guests, included relevant partners, and facilitated the specific investments and business cooperation. This year, as it was the case in the previous years, as a result of the event, a business catalogue will be created and distributed to the partners where all potential investments and business networking opportunities will be presented.

Focus of this year’s forum will be on the tourism, IT outsourcing, agriculture, and renewable energy sector, which have proven most attractive for Diaspora members.

Naša Perspektiva (NP) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established in February 2010. NGO currently engages 5 experts and is located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). From its establishment, NP is focused on the development of creative mechanisms in order to activate Diaspora resources with the goal to contribute towards the socio-economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The organization recognized that by not engaging this group of 2 million Bosnians and Herzegovinians that live scattered throughout the world, the country is missing out on significantly contributing towards its socio-economic development. Next to its work with the Diaspora, NGO strives to provide its contribution towards a more favourable business environment for small and mediumsized entreprises (SMEs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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