BiH, Croatia, Serbia sign Protocol on Cooperation in Searching for Missing Persons

Working rules and procedures for the implementation of the protocol on cooperation in search of missing persons was signed between the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute for missing persons of BiH Nikola Perisic and President of the Commission for Missing Persons of Serbia Veljko Odalovic.

The protocol aims to establish an institutional framework through which procedures and exchanges of information are clearly defined, which will significantly speed up procedures for searching for missing persons.

Following the first protocol signing, Perisic signed additional one with assistant to minister of War Veterans for the Missing Persons Stjepan Sucic, saying that “that the whole process of finding and identifying missing persons is rising to a higher level.”

Perisic explained that rules and procedures in the protocol will put in order the process of exchanging available information and documentation which will aid in faster finding of missing persons.

After the war ended, there are still about 12,000 missing persons on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

(Photo: Fena)

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