Skier Žana Novaković Will Hold The B&H Flag at the Opening of Olympics in Sochi

zanaThe skier Žana Novaković will hold the B&H flag at the official opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi on 7 February 2014.

The decision on who would hold the flag was made by the B&H Olympic Committee at this morning’s session, where 5 trainers of B&H competitors at the Winter Olympic Games participated, after the Executive Committee session on Tuesday failed to come to an agreement on this issue.

For days, the B&H Olympic Committee could not decide on this issue. The options were Žana Novaković from Pale, who was supported by the RS and Igor Lajkert from Zenica, supported by leaders of the FB&H.

At the end it was decided that Novaković will hold the flag at the opening of the Olympics, while at the closure of the Olympics the flag will be carried by the competitor that achieves the best results in Sochi. 5 athletes will represent B&H at the Winter Olympic Games that will be held from 7-24 February. They are Žana Novaković, Igor Lajkert, Marko Rudić, Mladen Plakalović and Tanja Karišić.

5 trainers will travel with the athletes and the B&H team leader Said Fazlagić. The B&H sports expedition in Sochi will have 11 members.


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