The Swedish fashion brand H & M to open its Store in BiH on March 21st

The Swedish fashion brand H & M will launch its first store in Bosnia and Herzegovina on March 21st this year in Banja Luka, said Danilo Drobnjak, communications and marketing director of H & M for Austria, the Adriatic region, the Western Balkans and Georgia, news portal reports.

So Banja Luka will have the honor of opening the shop of this brand at the Delta Planet shopping mall.

When asked about the possibility of opening a store in Sarajevo, Drobnjak did not want to reveal the details by briefly saying that the public would be timely informed.

The shop in Banja Luka will be on nearly 2,500 square meters, on two floors, and will provide all future customers with a unique and exciting shopping experience.

“We are happy for our arrival in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the whole H & M team is really looking forward to welcoming our customers in Banja Luka on March 21st,” said Claudia Oszwald, director of H & M for Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This fashion brand has 4,500 stores in 62 countries worldwide.


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