Aquatika from Croatia and Una National Park in Bihac signed an Agreement on Cooperation

The public institution Aquatika in Karlovac and Una National Park in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina signed an agreement to cooperate on tourism, promotion, scientific work and monitoring, among other projects, reports HRTurizam on February 2, 2019.

This cooperation is significant as it finally presents a positive example of synergy and the importance of connecting two tourist destinations from two neighboring states, Croatia and Bosnia.

“We believe that we will succeed in increasing the number of visits and exchanging visitors through various joint activities. We will invite our visitors to the National Park, and they will present Aquatika to their visitors,” said the Director of Aquatika, Margarita Maruškić Kulaš, before adding:

“Within this Agreement, we will arrange joint promotion and cooperation on the various project activities of both institutions. In this cooperation, the most important three points are joint projects in the field of promotion, science and research, and especially the fish species that inhabit Una, and promotion on the development of tourism in both regions. I believe that together we will realize more and more visits “, emphasized Marusic Kulaš, Total Croatia News reports.



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