The third Rafting Regatta started from Banja Luka to Belgrade

regataThe third rafting regatta started yesterday from Banja Luka and it is expected to, after 505 kilometers, through rivers Vrbas and Sava, arrive to Belgrade on 8th October.

Eight boats sailed from Banja Luka, and during the 17-day sailing, rafters from Banja Luka will be joined by rafters from other parts of B&H, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Participants of the regatta said that they decided to make this venture because of the love for sailing, fun and entertainment.

Leader of the regatta, Aleksandar Pastir, said that approximately, they will sail 10 to 12 hours per day, and they will cross the sections of between 16 and 54 kilometers. Rafting will be held only during the day, while every night they will stay in another municipality. The first station is Laktasi.

The aim of regatta is to connect all cities downstream from Banja Luka that lie along the Sava river, but also a promotion of the river life, water sports and river tourism in Vrbas and Sava, as well as the preservation of waterways“, said Pastir adding that the plan for the next years is to connect all rafting alliances and clubs in five countries of Sava basin.

Otherwise, this year’s regatta will last two days longer with a slightly easier sailing tempo, in order for it to be joined by as much clubs and amateur rafters as possible. As last year, regatta will partially be dedicated to the rescue in case of floods.

Part of the fairway through the Sava river will be used by participants of the regatta to rehearse the rescue actions in the water. Certain stages will be paddled by members of the Armed forces of B&H, Special forces of RS, and Montenegro, as well as members of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA).

Participants of the regatta were yesterday saw off by representatives of Ministries of the Government of RS; Tourist organization of RS,  the City administration of Banja Luka, Tourist organization of Banja Luka, and all other lovers of water sports.

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