The UN Security Council has extended EUFOR’s mandate in BiH

( Denis Zuberi – Anadolu Agency )

Tonight, the UN Security Council decided to extend the mandate of the EUFOR mission (Althea) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The mission has been extended for the next 12 months as the previous term expires this Friday (November 5th) with 15 votes in favor. As expected, all permanent member states of the UN Security Council agreed that members of the European military force – Althea mission remain deployed in BiH in order to ensure peace and stability in our country in accordance with the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Today, the commander of the EUFOR military mission in BiH, General Alexander Platzer, said that the general security situation in the country is stable.

It was emphasized that the fundamental task of EUFOR is to support local forces in maintaining a safe and stable environment. In addition to 600 operatives, there are currently additional troops in the supply area.

In addition, EUFOR has sufficient reserve forces that can be deployed at any time as needed. Reserve forces could come from other Balkan countries, but KFOR from Kosovo could also be used.

In addition, there is still a strategic reserve entirely outside. If necessary, another 1,000 soldiers can be called up, and that can be increased.


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