Thermal Power plant ”Ugljevik 3” and hydroelectric power station ”Mrsovo” are going to be built

Manager of ”Comsar Energy” Siniša Majstorović said that the building of the thermal power plant ”Ugljevik 3” and hydroelectric power station ”Mrsovo” will cost around 1 billion EUR, which is the largest investment in the RS but also in the Balkans.

” All investments are financed from our own resources, and I think we will succeed in achieving our goals in a relatively short period’’, said Majstorović

He added that preparatory work for the building of ”Ugljevik 3” are being finalised, and the construction will start in May.

”We already have permits for construction of the power plants, and we are close to getting the environmental permit, and we hope that by May we’ll get building permit too”, said Majstorović.

He said that by 15th January ”Comsar Energy” will sign a treaty with Chinese partners who will design the thermal power plant.

We expect to finish the validation of project documentation before April, so that we can start working in May.

He added that ”Ugljevik 3” will be a 600 megawatts thermal power plant, with two power blocks of 330 megawatts.

Majstorović noted that the ”Comsar Energy” company already has invested 13 million EUR the preparatory work for the construction of thermal power plant and on the exploration of coal reserves in Ugljevik.


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