Three Members of One Family died of Coronavirus in Banja Luka



“In Banja Luka, on average, slightly less than ten people suffer daily from coronavirus, which is more favorable than in the previous period and a reason for mild optimism, but there is no relaxation,” said mayor of Banja Luka Igor Radojicic on Thursday and urged citizens to continue to comply with the prescribed measures, according to Avaz news portal.

He recalled the case of a Banja Luka family, three members of whom died of coronavirus. “A fifty-one years old man who died last night of a coronavirus in Banja Luka, his mother and father also died of coronavirus. These are three persons from the same family who died of this virus,” said Radojicic, pointing out that these tragic events do not happen on another continent, far from the RS or in a movie, but here, beside us.

That is why, he says, we need to be careful because our friends and fellow citizens are getting infected.

“Every time you think of going to a gathering, forget all the measures and recommendations, think of someone who may become ill and, unfortunately, die,” Radojicic warned.

He recalled that 1,646 people are currently in home isolation, which is less than in the previous few days when there were more than 3,000.

He warned that all shops in that city would be closed if they failed to comply with the prescribed measures to curb the spread of coronaviruses.



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