Timeless Beauty: An Unusual View of the Fortress in Srebrenik (video)


“Bosnia timeless” is the name of promotional movie in which we will have the opportunity to see Bosnia and Herzegovina from a different angle with the presentation of as many as 50 locations from all across the country, and in the 4K resolution (specific display resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels).

The movie “Bosnia timeless” was officially introduced in the summer of 2016.

The authors of the video, which was filmed with the latest equipment and the help of drones and stationed cameras are Mirza Hadzic, Hamdija Mulasalihovic, Denis Basic, Pedja Pepic, Sulejman Muratovic, and Edis Basic.

The Srebrenik Castle is situated above the town of the same name, in the valley of a small river called Tinja, only 36 km from the city of Tuzla. Located on the lonely rock, this edifice, also known as Gradina Fortress, is perfectly blended with it, looking like grown out of it. The whole construction is in an excellent condition. It is composed of a complex with four towers and a castle, and with 1,5 meters thick walls. Its isolated position, where the only way to enter is the wooden bridge that connects the rock with the surrounding hills, made the Srebrenik Castle almost an unconquerable edifice. During the Middle Ages, this area was a battlefield for many fights between Bosnia and Hungary, and as from the 15th century, the Ottoman Empire as well, Itinari writes.

When it comes to the origin of its name “Srebrenik” (which means “the silver” in the local language), one legend is particularly interesting. Even though the name suggests it, here you can’t find silver. Actually, the tale says that, at that time, three queens were building their own cities. The queen who built Srebrenik said that she aimed to make it shine like silver, and since then this determined its name. No certain documents are stating when this fortress was built, but it is sure that the Hungarians did it during their rule in Bosnia. The fortification got upgraded by the Ottomans by adding a mosque and some other parts.


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