Islamic Community in BiH distributed Packages to Returnees worth 100,000 BAM

The Rijaset of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with Bosna Bank International (BBI) and its partners – Klas d.d. Sarajevo and BBI Real Estate d.o.o. Sarajevo, continued this year a traditional humanitarian action of division of food packages and hygiene supplies for thousands of returnee families across BiH.

“We have implemented this humanitarian action for the past five years, and the reactions of returnees are positive. Not only are they looking forward to help, they are also happy because of the feeling they have not been left behind and forgotten,” was stated by Ibrahim ef. Malanovic, the head of Rijaset’s social care office.

The donation is worth about 100,000 BAM, and it consists of packages that contain food items, such as flour, oil, sugar, pasta, as well as hygiene goods.

The problem in returnee places is still big, from the lack of electricity and water, but most returnees point out unemployment as the main difficulty for sustainable return.

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