Tomorrow is Start of First Drilling Wells in the RS


The Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the RS Željko Kovačević confirmed to Srna that on Thursday, 30 May in Obudovac the drilling of the first exploration well in the RS will begin. This begins the new phase of research work under the concession agreement with the company “Jadran-Naftagas’’.

Kovačević said that all previous results of the seismic activities of ‘Jadran-Naftagas’ were extremely encouraging, which is why they expect positive results and the continuation of research.

He added that, according to information by the company, in 2011 and 2012 close to 20 million KM have been invested, while the investments in the project of research this year will amount to around 30 million KM.

“I note that the exploration of oil and gas has started a new investment cycle in the RS, which was preceded by the procedure for granting concessions’’, said Kovačević.

The project of research and exploration of oil and gas envisions an investment of around 345 million KM and the creation of 500 new jobs in the process of exploration.

According to him, the realization of this project will be supplied with energy security and stability, change the geostrategic position of the RS in a positive way, and increase the filling of the budget and funds of the RS.

‘’Exploration and research of oil and gas will affect the increase in the number of employees and the demand for experts in the field of mining and petroleum geology, and other ancillary professions. The realization of the project will affect on the development of infrastructure and development plans of local communities, where concrete actions will be carried out’’, said Kovačević.

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