Top Business News from BiH for this Week

The company Pretis from Vogosca almost doubled its revenues last year. Operating income of this company amounted to a total of 42.7 million BAM, in comparison to the year before when it amounted to about 23 million BAM. Thus, Pretis company positioned itself as one of the leading companies in the military industry of BiH.

A new plant for plastification of aluminum profiles will start operating within the company “Alpro” in Vlasenica at the beginning of June, in which this company invested more than 1,000,000 BAM. Director of “Alpro”, Vladan Nastic, noted that the main aim of this investment is to improve quality of their products, increase their productivity, and reduce time of delivery.

Company BOHA Ltd. from Zenica, which was engaged in the production of furniture, started the construction of a new factory at the locality of the former company Vatrostalna in the settlement Trokuce, on the way to Tetovo. They made two halls in the period of six months and they are planning to move in and start the production within the next two months.

The ranking of the largest companies in BiH based on the financial reports for the year of 2017 has been revealed. The biggest company in BiH on the basis of revenues last year was Elektroprivreda BiH, while Bingo achieved the largest profit.

Micro-credit organizations in the FBiH earned a total of 18.6 million BAM last year, which is by 2.2 million BAM or 13 % more compared to a year earlier.


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