Soup Kitchens Imaret in Bihac and Cazin need our Help!

Soup kitchens Imaret in Bihac and Cazin are in a difficult financial situation at the moment, and their capabilities have been limited lately due to their increased activities related to help to migrants and preparation of iftar dinners, which is the reason why they invite all good people to help them.

“The preparation of iftars is conducted thanks to the humanitarian action “Iftar”, which is taking place during the month of Ramadan, and the main goal of this action is gathering food and funds for the preparation of iftars. Holy month of Ramadan is a hope for soup kitchens Imaret Bihac that this institution will continue working thanks to donors who are fulfilling one of their basic Islamic obligations by helping their neighbours, ” said Almir Prosic, the director of the Regional Committee of Merhamet Bihac.

He also stated that soup kitchens Imaret in Bihac and Cazin survive thanks to the donors who express their good will especially during the month of Ramadan.

“Part of the funds that are allocated by the city authorities is not enough for normal work of soup kitchen throughout the whole year, but we want to emphasize that, thanks to good people from all over BiH, we manage to survive and work, and we never allowed our fellow citizens to be left without at least one meal a day,” stated Prosic.

An aggravating circumstance for the work of these soup kitchens is the fact that Merhamet prepares meals for migrants, whose number in Bihac is increasing every day.

You can help soup kitchen Imaret by donating groceries, which can be brought to the premises of this soup kitchen in Bihac at the adress Midzica Mahala Street 3, or by making a payment on the following account:


Bank: Sparkasse bank, Bihac

Note:” For iftar 2018″.

Contact phone: 037 / 311-728.

(Source: M. C./Klix.ba)






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