Total unpaid Fines by Drivers in BiH amount to 33 Million Euros

The total unpaid fines by drivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina amount to 65 million BAM (33.1. milion Euros).

The Agency for Identification Documents, Records and Data Exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina points out that the total debt is increasing from month to month, News Agency Patria reports.

The record holder for the number of unpaid fines for traffic violations is a person from the municipality of Stari Grad in Sarajevo Canton who needs to pay 117,660 BAM.

The next one is a person from the Brcko District, who owes more than 67,000 BAM.

Drivers mainly drove without completation of driving lessons, operated an unregistered vehicle, speeding, and driving without license.

Due to the non-payment of the fines, municipality courts in BiH may order custody, but the time spent in custody does not affect the payment of the amount owed.

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