Trained Dogs in B&H Can Reveal Narcotics, Landmines and Explosive Worldwide

psi_tragaciAmer Skenderagić, Nedžad Skenderović and Siniša Perojević in June of this year in Vogošča have formed an association “Training team” or as they prefer to call it “K-9 Training Team”. This association is established on the long term experience and they deal with dog training, which after training can be able to reveal explosive and narcotics in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Lebanon and USA….

They organize trainings for official and civil purposes. Currently, they are in the final phase of the Labrador integration process to search for narcotics. Also, they are training Malinois to uncover explosive devices. These dogs will be involved in the work of District Brčko Police.

Dogs after trainings, spend two months with their guides in the integration process. It is desirable that the integration process to be implemented under monitoring of one of the trainers, in order to correct all the possible errors of the guide.

A minimum period of training is 6 months and the team in Vogošča works with Labradors, Belgian Shepherds, but they also train Rottweiler and other types of dogs.

(Source: Fena)

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