Training on marketing and presentation tools on the international market

Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERDA has organised yesterday, training on topic ”Marketing and presentation tools on the international market” for representatives of metal industry.

Training was organised as a part of the project ” Support of the competitiveness of SMEs in the metal industry through the introduction of new technologies and occupations, the implementation of EU standards and strengthening the export capacity – EUMETAL”, which is financed by the EU.

The goal of the training is to strengthen the export abilities of entrepreneurs in the context of their position on the global market by using different marketing tools.

Namely, a large number of metal industry companies is faced with many problems on the international market approach, such as the branding of the product, pricing, distribution channels, promotions.

Special attention was dedicated to presenting the products to the international market, in terms of identifying target groups and positioning, marketing tools and their application, and examples of the best international practices.


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