Trebević Will Become a Protected Area

trebevicThe public hearing of the draft Law on the Protected Landscape of Trebević, which was adopted at the session of Sarajevo Canton, will last for two months. According to the Minister of Physical Planning and Environmental Protection of Sarajevo Canton Zlatko Petrović, the law will be the continuation of activities tied to environmental projects.

“This is a specific form of protection of protected landscapes that has three zones of protection, a zero zone that has absolute protection, from the prohibition of picking mushrooms and herbs, and the second and third zones that include the banning of construction of certain facilities, from tourist and other facilities. I think that public consultation will allow, if there are some advantages, to remove and adopt a law that will give an operational ability and chance that the administration at Skakavac, Bijambare and Vrelo Bosne do their job adequately and that the disastrous condition in this part of Trebević improves’’, said Petrović.

For Trebević to become a protected area, financial funds would have to be ensured.

“We are least relying on money from the budget because we will strive to reach the IPA funds and other international organizations that are ready to co-finance projects. We must first learn to do projects and then to look for money. This law is a real project, which will be implemented and we have to act to at least protect this area of 382 hectares. Everything has been registered as the property of Sarajevo Canton and we do not have any unresolved property relations. There is, of course, the protection of the cable cars because its revitalization is the only lasting way to activate the main function of this area, and for there to be no problems in traffic when citizens from the city go to Trebević”, said Petrović.

(Source: ekapija.com)

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