Tribute paid to the Victims of Genocide by placing the Flower of Srebrenica on the Maglaj Fortress

By placing a large Flower of Srebrenica and the number 8372 on the walls of Maglaj Fortress, which was organized by the Youth Forum of the Municipal Assembly of SDP BiH in Maglaj, this city paid tribute to the victims of Srebrenica genocide.

After the fall of “the UN-protected enclave” in July 1995, the Army and the police of the RS and members of paramilitary formations from the RS and Serbia killed at least 8,372 Bosniaks.

Today, 22 years after the genocide, the preliminary list of Srebrenica victims contains a total of 8,372 names. With the discovery of new mass graves, the list of killed victims of Srebrenica is constantly growing. Also, more than 12,000 people are considered as still missing.

The authorities in BiH issued a statement in which is stated that the Day of Mourning is marked by the mandatory display of the flag of BiH on half-mast on the buildings of BH institutions. Media houses on the territory of BiH, as well as organizers of cultural, artistic, and sport events in our country, are obliged to adapt their program to the Day of Mourning.

(Source: Er. M./Klix.ba)


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