Turkovic: The Council of Ministers of BiH cannot be an Area for political Performances

The work of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has not yet been unblocked, although the session was held, which is why the consideration of the Annual National Program (ANP) was removed from the agenda so that it would not be rejected.

Bisera Turkovic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH, said that, adding that the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Zoran Tegeltija, withdrew all items on the agenda proposed by the ministers from the ranks of Serbs and made it known in advance that voting against would prevent the adoption of significant decisions for BiH citizens and the whole country.

I am afraid that today’s session was a failed attempt to reject the adoption of the ANP for NATO in this atmosphere, which was previously adopted by the Commission for Cooperation with NATO, which included members from all three constituent peoples, ” she stressed yesterday.

Also, she explained that such a scenario had to be avoided and the chance to make the right decision saved, so it was requested that the ANP be removed from the agenda of yesterday‘s session convened by Tegeltija, a member of the SNSD, a party that refuses to participate in BiH institutions since the end of Julywhen amendments to the BiH Criminal Code came into force, which prohibits the denial of genocide and the glorification of war criminals.

There is no justified reason why the ministers from the ranks of Serbs would be against the adoption of the ANP yesterday, butthey announced that they would vote against. A mere meeting without serious intention and efficient action in the interest of the citizens is a play on the trust we have gained in the BiH Parliament, ” said Turkovic.

According to her, the Council of Ministers of BiH should not be allowed to turn into a platform for political performances and deception of citizens. The ministers, she said, have a serious job to do, which is why she does not want to agree to be “no one’s paravane for doomed secessionist adventures“.

The Council of Ministers has more than 400 items on the agenda that need to be approached absolutely responsibly and seriously, without ultimatums and any kind of political blackmail, and to make decisions in the interest of citizens, and not by someone’s political dictate, Turkovic concluded.


Source: Federalna

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