Tuzla Brewery Begins Export to Croatia, Montenegro and Switzerland

svetlo_pivo_040311Tuzla Brewery will begin to export to Croatia, Montenegro and Switzerland, announced ‘Slobodna Bosna’.

According to the Director Zlatan Pejić, in 2013 the brewery managed to maintain sales momentum from 2012.

‘’I think this is a huge success for us, due to the fact that of the ten purchases beers in B&H, six go abroad. And this year we managed to maintain the current number of people, to pay salaries, contributions, and to pay excise duty and tax. We exported our products to Serbia, and I can say with pride that next year we will start exporting to Montenegro, Croatia and Switzerland’’, said Pejić.

Tuzla Brewery can be grateful this year for the award of the European Brewery Star, for which citizens of Tuzla can be specifically proud. This is a competition where participants can be breweries with a traditional way of producing beer.

‘’As for the awards, it gives us great pleasure because it is a confirmation of our product. Our goal is to maintain the quality of our product on the market, considering that our presence on the world market makes our business more difficult. Unfortunately, we still do not have adopted amendments to the Law on Excise Duties that would protect local production’’, said Pejić.


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