Twenty Two Lines re-established in Canton Sarajevo

The Ministry of Transport of Canton Sarajevo reported on the re-establishment of the missing 22 lines of public transport that had not been in operation for a long time.

Details and more information was presented on the regular session of Government of Canton Sarajevo that took place on Thursday.

The Government has given the Ministry of Transport permission to comply with the Ordinance on the conditions, manner and specificity of the organization of public transport operation, to register the driving schedule for the period until the end of the current year.

As noted by Minister Adnan Steta, with this decision, citizens of the Old Town and of other parts of the Canton, are given back what they had before, which is a neat and timely public transport, with the aim of raising the quality of life of the citizens of Sarajevo.

In October last year, for several lines, a decision was brought to cancel them, after which a selection procedure for carriers on lines was issued again. Centrotrans company answered on the announcement, for which it stated it has all the necessary documents and capacities to maintain these lines.

The following minibus lines are being functional again: Baščaršija – Vratnik, Sinanovići – Trnovo, Baščaršija – Mihrivode, Garež – Delijaši – Hamzići, Vijećnica – Hladivode, Ekononska škola – Obad, Ekonomska škola – Bakarevac, Park – Hrastovi 2, Park – Mrkovići, Latinska ćuprija – Hošin Brijeg, Vijećnica – Brusulje, Grbavica – Hrasno, Ilidža – Miševići, Ilidža – Šabići – Sinanovići, Latinska ćuprija – Mahmutovac, Kovači – Sedrenik, Latinska ćuprija – Jarčedoli, Latinska ćuprija – Širokača – Komatin, Ekonomska škola – Hum, Ilidža – Garež, Ilidža – Dejčići and bus line Otoka – Buća Potok.


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