Two European Insurance Companies Interested For A Share in “Sarajevo Insurance”

sarajevo_osiguranje-1Two big European insurance companies are interested in buying a part of “Sarajevo Osiguranje”, which is a leader in the market, said the Director of this company Midhat Terzić for “Dnevni Avaz”.

“Sarajevo Osiguranje” had a profit last year of 1,5 million KM, a premium of 64,5 million KM and paid nearly 30 million KM of damages for all kinds of insurance, with a market share of close to 18 percent.

Terzić said that, taking into account the difficult conditions in the market, there is success because they met all their commitments to customers, employees and the state.

“For years this company has a plan for privatization of 45,48 percent, which is the percentage of state ownership. It is already known that it is in the interest of the FBiH to not enter into privatization at any price, but to find a strategic partner that would continue to develop the company and to enable its survival at a leadership position. According to recently surfaced information, there is interest of two major European companies to enter the region through the purchase of capital market leaders in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, including “Sarajevo Osiguranje”, said Terzić.

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