Two more Victims of Srebrenica Genocide identified

Two more victims of the genocide committed in Srebrenica in 1995 were officially identified today in the premises of the Podrinje identification project in Tuzla.

These are victims of Bosniak nationality who disappeared in 1995, and their remains were exhumed years later from mass graves in the Zvornik area.

The identity of these victims was first determined by the DNA method, and today this identity has been confirmed by family members of these victims.

Krdzic (Avde) Husejin, born in 1936 in Osmace – Srebrenica, was identified. He was killed in the summer of 1995, and his remains were found in a mass grave at the Kamenica-Zvornik site in 2007.

Today, the family also confirmed the identity of Osmanovic (Hamed) Senad, born in 1975 in Poznanovici near Srebrenica. He was also killed in a genocide committed in the summer of 1995, and his remains were exhumed in 2012 from the Liplje mass grave in Zvornik, according to the Institute for Missing Persons.

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