Two premieres till the end of the art season in Kamerni teatar 55

In 2013, Kamerni teatar 55 will prepare two premiere performances, which will be staged before the end of the art season.  The first premiere performance is the performance of the theater drama ”Terrorism” by Dino Mustafić, which will have its premiere performance on the 16th of February.

This theater drama does not talk about terrorism on the global scale, as the director points out, but about terrorism that is happening every day, when we are being terrorized by ourselves within families, social communities and other things that constitute the pace of our ordinary lives.

After this premiere performance, Kamerni teatar 55 will work on another theater drama called ” Concert of birds”. ”Concert of birds” is a drama based on the text by Dževad Karahasan, and it will be directed by Aleš Kurt. Its premiere performance is expected in the beginning of April.

” This text presents Karahasan’s philosophical thinking about government and its officials, but I’m not sure how many of it will be used for the theater performance. Dževad is a very complex and systematic writer, and because Aleš Kurt is directing it, we can expect a completely different theater drama from the text”- said the director of Kamerni teatar 55, Dragan Jovičić.

He also announced the beginning of the new art season in this theater house for September 2013, when they will start working on a drama entitled ” Love ” by Murray Schisgal.

”It is a theater drama that was directed by Jurislav Korjenić  in 1966 in Kamerni teatar 55, and this theater drama had 203 performances. We will go back to that text again.”- emphasized Jovičić.

The first premiere performance in this years’ art season of Kamerni teatar 55 entitled ” U Zvorniku ja sam ostavio svoje srce” by Sulejman Kupusović was staged in November 2012.


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