Government of the Federation of B&H promised to pay residual stimulus to farmers

The Federal Minister of agriculture, water management and forestry Jerko Ivanković-Lijanović announced that all received applications for the stimulus of the primary agricultural production will be finished by tomorrow. After that, they will address the payment of residual stimulus from the year 2012 to farmers.

This agreement was reached today at a meeting held in the building of the Government of the Federation of B&H, where the Prime Minister of the Federation of B&H Nermin Nikšić together with Minister Ivanković-Lijanović and the Minister of Finance  Anto Krajina welcomed the representatives of agricultural manufacturers from the area of the Federation of B&H. The debt is estimated around 12 and 20 million BAM and will be paid as a priority in accordance with the state of Federal budget.

The Government expects to pay 12 million BAM to farmers by the end of January. If it does not cover all expenses, then the residual will be paid from the resources for  agricultural stimulus of returnees in RS for 2013, which will be returned so that returnees will not be jeopardized in any sense.




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